Thursday, November 15, 2012

school days

i hope everyone is having fun and getting exited because the school holidays are coming about i tell you a funny poem :  

short visit, long stay                                              i hope you enjoyed the poem                                          

school trips are speacial occasions                                          
but we never reached are destination
enstead of the zoo
 i was locked in the loo                                         how about some pictures to look at
on an m62 service station
have fun    

Monday, November 12, 2012

our day

Today we got to go on the computers in the morning block.  At maths we had an IKAN 2 test it was alittle bit hard when it got to the end. At morning tea we had our auditions for the Botany downs got talent.
by B.O

Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 3: It has been a busy week with lots of exciting things happening. Room 12 put on a Mufti day and we had lots of fun, and were a little crazy!

Look at these winners:

Winner of Agent P!!
Celebrating RW toady.. watch this space...
We are Botany's Best!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


BM - RW - every time you do a poster and homework, you get better and better each time and you really focus on your work now.

LB - I like it how you're determined to do your work and you let me play soccer and your homework is really good. You also have  good sense of humour.

MH - RW - I like how you work and how you do your work in a really neat way. I like the way you share your glory with every one.

JC - RW - you're really honest and determined with your work and you're really random and you're a areally good sportsman in soccer.

SS - You're smart and you do really well in writing.

JD - You're really smart in Maths and you're an easy person to make laugh and you get better and better in your homework and you're a really good friend.

CD - You always imporve in your homework and you focus when you do your work and you're really good at Maths.

DM - You're really nice to play with because when someone asks you to play with them you always say yes and you have imporved in your work so much.

BO - I think you're a nice friend, and you're easy to make laugh and you do outstanding work.

SH - You're a really good friend to every one and you try to have a good standard of homework. 

ET - You're very imaginative and artistic and you're really kind to every one.

MW - You're really creative in your homework and you've been getting better and better in your work and homework.

LS - You're kind to every one and you never give up and you're good at art and you are artistic. You have a good standard of work and you have improved since the start of the year.

BAM - R When some one has a problem you always step in to try to fix it.

CL - You do amazing homework and you are loyal and artistic.

AG - You're really funny and you're good at your work.

SS - You're really good at soccer and you've been doing well with your homework shoing imporvement from the start of the year till now.

HM - Whenever I get hurt you always help me and call others to come and help me.

JS - R you're a really nice friend and you always get on with your work and you follow the rule of time to work - time to play and may God Bless you forever.

NP - You're always clever at your work and you're a nice person.

DG - U study as a high standard and you have improved in a lot of things this year. You are a great friend to have and you work really hard.

LZ - You have improved your work so much from the start of the year you have improved and you have really high standards in everything.

KR - I like it when you set a high standard for us all and you're really funny.

AP - R you're always improving in your wok and you like Club Penguin and that's a good thing.

JC - You're really improved since the beginning of the year and now your work is really fantastic.

Mrs F - You have been one of the youngest people in this class but you have grown up so much! You work really hard and you are a very determined young person. You are enthusiastic and hard working and always try your best. You remain cheerful, happy and positive and you are such a fun person to have in our class room. You have worked hard to improve your writing and you have a lot to be proud of. You are willing, determined and enthusiastic and you never give up!! You're like a tanker - you just keep going! We are lucky to have you in Room 21!!!

In Room 21, we your family: your class mates, your friends, your teacher: 


Halloween party

Halloween party

We're having a halloween party at school.
I'm dressed up like dracula.Man,I look cool!
I dyed my hair black and cut off my bangs.
I'm wearing a cape and some fake plastic fangs.

I put on some makeup to paint my face white
like creatures that only come out in the night.
My fingernails,too,are all pointed and red
there's no doubt I look like the evil undead.

My mum drops me off and I run into school
and suddenly feel like the worlds biggist fool.
The other kids stare like I'm some kind of freak.
The halloween party's not till next week!

happy halloween

I hope everyboby had an scary halloween, to me it  was great. I had lots of yummy lollies and my favorite was the most best magic lolliepop. it made me go mad. I dressed up as a devil and I had some makeup on me . I had red lipstick coming down from my mouth and black makeup around my eyes. I also messed up my hair and put some pink sray on it.I  hope you had a wonderfull scary  halloween.

My Bestie

This is my best friend Emily she is very kind and extremely funny

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

term 3 baking

In term 3 we made some really yummy cookies this is how we did it.First we split up into groups then we got all the equipment ready.Then we had two options we could make grandma's chocolate chunky cookies or we could make K.R rice crispys.It took us a few hours but we still had FUN!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Celebrating MW

BM -You're a good sportsman, fair to others, very nice and a good friend and even though we fight we're still friends.

RW - You're kind cos in soccer you always help people.

LS - MW you're kind and honest to people, to every one and you're always helping people.

BAM - You're a good friend cos you're really funny, at roll and in class.

BO - You're really funny cos you make up funny things to sat at roll and you are a good sportsman.

SS - Even though you have a big head (and I can say that cos you know I'm joking and you can handle it) I think you are a good friend and you are kind to everyone.

JS - You're very smart and obedient to the Teacher cos when she says it's time to work or play you always do the right thing.

JD - You're really good at soccer, you're really smart, you're very obedient to the Teacher and you're a really good friend.

AP - Thank you for being a good friend to me and doing cattiness with me:  

MH - I think you're a really good friend to people and you're really helpful.

ET - I think you're really artistic and you work hard with everything you do.

DM - I think you do a good standard of homework and set a good standard for every one.

LB - I like the standard of homework you do and I like it when you help me with my work.

ER - I think you are a nice friend to every one and I think you do a lot to help every one.

JC - I think you're really tough because in soccer when I push you, you push me back and when people are hurt you always help them.

CD - You're a good friend because you're always helping people when they are in need and you're a good mid and defense player in soccer.

CL - I think you're an awesome friend to be in this class and you're kind and helpful and you do great work.

JD - May God bless you forever.

JCC - You're a good freind even though we have fights at times, you're very good at soccer and you're very creative with your work, with K-nex and the vehicles thing.

AG - You're pretty much fearless and you're nice to be around.

LZ - You always do a nice standard for your work.

SS - I think you're a very nice friend to be around and you do nice homework.

KR - I think you're funny and you always make me laugh.

HM - MW, whenever I have no one to play with you always play with me.

DG - I think you work to a high standard and you're a great friend.

NP - You're a nice friend to be around and you're honest every time.

Mrs F - MW, you have been a most disciplined and hard working student; you're always willing to listen to instructions and improve yourself and change; at any time when you are asked. You are very caring towards others and very conscientious in your work and thoughtfulness to others and you hate to disappoint your teacher, your friends, your class.  You are a great writer and you have a wonderful imagination. Never stop writing your delightful adventures. You are a determined young person who never gives up. 

In Room 21, your class and your teacher, we your friends and family in Room 21....

 We Celebrate You!!!

 this is ally

The alpacas

Hello this is when we in term 2 we have 3

  alpacas came to our school it was very cool by      L.Z

mrs fernades

This is our techer mrs fernades she is the BEST! techer 
you can ever have. 

this is my teacher mrs fernades she funny and awesome

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In term 3 room 21 did baking.The people in this photo are JS and LB also JC but he's not in this photo.My group had alot of fun MW.

Monday, October 15, 2012

My birthday party!

My Birthday Party!

On October the 5th it was my birthday party.It was Pizza and Popcorn themed . We made our own pizzas with pitabread bases.Then we watched Toothfairy 2.

The DXs

Kiwirail has a range of locomotives called the DXs that are DXRs,DXCs,DBRs,DFTs, and DCs.DXRs were the original motive power until the DLs took over.This class only has two locos DXR 8007 and 8022.DXCs were the first of the 'fruit salad' livery.DXCs have 5000 horse power and are an ordanary trains pulling power.DFTs are used for the waitakere log express.They have 7000 horse power.DBRs are the class of the wellington bankers.They date back quite early.DCs power the northern explorer and SA sets.They are twin classes with DCPs.



In the holidays I went to FIJI.  I got my hair braided and I got the beads coulered orange,black and green.  I came back on sunday 14 october.  We had a walk up call at 5:00 in the MORNING!!!!!  At the airport I brought a giant tube of mentos!!! In it, it had 6 normal packets of fruit mentos. I ate 3 packets of mentos before I even got into the plane. I ate the rest in the plane. When we got out of the airport it was freezing and since we have spent 10 days in fiji it felt even colder. I enjoyed my holidays.
By B.O

Teddy friends!

Hi I am B.A.M and this is C.A.L. B.A.M is holding a teddy bear and I am holding a kiwi. We were reading a book called living together to the teddys and we are best friends.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

my cartoon potraite

this is CDs befunky cartoonizer it was fun,cool and awesome to make and it  is easy and fun to make you can also use your photos on your computer like my portraite and you can also put cartoons and other pictures you want on your portraite and you can make your portraite different colurs and sizes.

kiwirail shunters

The most common shunter in kiwirail are DHs with 2800 horsepower that operate in westfield auckland.The most uncommon is TRs which are the smallest too.They have low horsepower eg 50,20.The most powerfull are DSGs with 3000 horsepower down at the south north island.Its twin classes are DSJs,DSCs,DSBs and DSAs.
Here are Aucland trains SAs,SXs,ADKs,ADCs,AKs,AKVs,AKCs,DCs and Auckland EMUs.

be funky is cool




This is my artwork that I made.It has words on it that says some stuff that I do and what I am!!!


This is JD's befunky picture


ceters are cool

Hi my name is H.M i am the funniest boy.


Monday, September 24, 2012


On the 28th of September it is going to be the awesome holidays. I am going to the Coromandel for five days. I have never been to the Coromandel. the production!

This is me in the middle school production.I made the photo look like this on Be


In a week, It will be the holidays! I will be leaving after lunch and I will be going to Waiheki. I will return on monday. The next weekend I will be going to the Coromandel.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

S.H's buddy reader

Me and my buddy reader
were drawing a big insect.
They were making their own
book for the classroom so
they can read it when ever
they want to read their very
own book. My buddy is such
a clever little reader and a very
clever drawer.


This is cuty poody when I saw him I screamed my head off like ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah
My prize giving for soccer was in September. My dad coached my team I got a medal and a trophy I got my trophy for most inproved player by mw

lookat it

look! at! the most best! production in the wourld! from r.w


i reall like your blog

This is me, D.M I am so coulorfull like the rainbow.
My face changes coulor, its orange when i'm sad,
green when i'm imbaresed, red when i'm going to explode with angrines
and blue when I feel Happy!

On the enternet [be funcky]
I did this amazing picture.
The picture was about when
I was moving to a new house
at north park Ave.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last weak Friday room 21 boys an olympics for maths weak. The room 21 boys did  long jump,sprints,releys ect by mw




Hi my name is D.M and this is the group I was in for
the maths week road show. We went to the maths road show because it was maths week. The road show was really fun but we
didn't get to do all of the activites, my faviorite one was adding up!!!

This is LB as in me this is my lion poster it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The rhinos are endangered and I want to save them. How are they endangered is because people cut their horns off and they we need to stop doing it because it is killing their own life. Lots of numbers of species are dieing in the wild just because of people doing that.


Margret Mahy was a really great New Zealand writer that read stores to children and writes books for children to read in the library and at home with their mums/dads

 This is Margret Mahy reading a story to children in the library or at school with her wig on.

Monday, September 10, 2012



This is my cat that loves playing with me and climbing up my legs when she wants food in my opinion it would be very anouing to some-body else putting food down for her.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A author came to our school  and his name is J.P he read us some stories and they were really cool.

Then he read us a poem about his cat and that was interesting!

Monday, September 3, 2012


vSealink has 3 operating passenger car ferry vessels on the Waiheke Island route. Sea Cat is the pride of thier fleet. Sea Cat operates 11 times daily including christmas. Once Sea Cat was entering Kennedy point and banged its ramp on the wharf and stayed there for a month until a new ramp got delivered.Sea Way was the first of the fleet to be made. Sea Way does 4 sailings daily including 1 at night. Sea Way only operates week days. It goes to Wynyard Quarter on weekend. Sea Master  is a drive on back off ferry. Sea Master is also know as Freight Link . Freight Link is a freight ferry that was origanaly a subritzky.