Thursday, October 25, 2012

Celebrating MW

BM -You're a good sportsman, fair to others, very nice and a good friend and even though we fight we're still friends.

RW - You're kind cos in soccer you always help people.

LS - MW you're kind and honest to people, to every one and you're always helping people.

BAM - You're a good friend cos you're really funny, at roll and in class.

BO - You're really funny cos you make up funny things to sat at roll and you are a good sportsman.

SS - Even though you have a big head (and I can say that cos you know I'm joking and you can handle it) I think you are a good friend and you are kind to everyone.

JS - You're very smart and obedient to the Teacher cos when she says it's time to work or play you always do the right thing.

JD - You're really good at soccer, you're really smart, you're very obedient to the Teacher and you're a really good friend.

AP - Thank you for being a good friend to me and doing cattiness with me:  

MH - I think you're a really good friend to people and you're really helpful.

ET - I think you're really artistic and you work hard with everything you do.

DM - I think you do a good standard of homework and set a good standard for every one.

LB - I like the standard of homework you do and I like it when you help me with my work.

ER - I think you are a nice friend to every one and I think you do a lot to help every one.

JC - I think you're really tough because in soccer when I push you, you push me back and when people are hurt you always help them.

CD - You're a good friend because you're always helping people when they are in need and you're a good mid and defense player in soccer.

CL - I think you're an awesome friend to be in this class and you're kind and helpful and you do great work.

JD - May God bless you forever.

JCC - You're a good freind even though we have fights at times, you're very good at soccer and you're very creative with your work, with K-nex and the vehicles thing.

AG - You're pretty much fearless and you're nice to be around.

LZ - You always do a nice standard for your work.

SS - I think you're a very nice friend to be around and you do nice homework.

KR - I think you're funny and you always make me laugh.

HM - MW, whenever I have no one to play with you always play with me.

DG - I think you work to a high standard and you're a great friend.

NP - You're a nice friend to be around and you're honest every time.

Mrs F - MW, you have been a most disciplined and hard working student; you're always willing to listen to instructions and improve yourself and change; at any time when you are asked. You are very caring towards others and very conscientious in your work and thoughtfulness to others and you hate to disappoint your teacher, your friends, your class.  You are a great writer and you have a wonderful imagination. Never stop writing your delightful adventures. You are a determined young person who never gives up. 

In Room 21, your class and your teacher, we your friends and family in Room 21....

 We Celebrate You!!!

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