Thursday, November 1, 2012


BM - RW - every time you do a poster and homework, you get better and better each time and you really focus on your work now.

LB - I like it how you're determined to do your work and you let me play soccer and your homework is really good. You also have  good sense of humour.

MH - RW - I like how you work and how you do your work in a really neat way. I like the way you share your glory with every one.

JC - RW - you're really honest and determined with your work and you're really random and you're a areally good sportsman in soccer.

SS - You're smart and you do really well in writing.

JD - You're really smart in Maths and you're an easy person to make laugh and you get better and better in your homework and you're a really good friend.

CD - You always imporve in your homework and you focus when you do your work and you're really good at Maths.

DM - You're really nice to play with because when someone asks you to play with them you always say yes and you have imporved in your work so much.

BO - I think you're a nice friend, and you're easy to make laugh and you do outstanding work.

SH - You're a really good friend to every one and you try to have a good standard of homework. 

ET - You're very imaginative and artistic and you're really kind to every one.

MW - You're really creative in your homework and you've been getting better and better in your work and homework.

LS - You're kind to every one and you never give up and you're good at art and you are artistic. You have a good standard of work and you have improved since the start of the year.

BAM - R When some one has a problem you always step in to try to fix it.

CL - You do amazing homework and you are loyal and artistic.

AG - You're really funny and you're good at your work.

SS - You're really good at soccer and you've been doing well with your homework shoing imporvement from the start of the year till now.

HM - Whenever I get hurt you always help me and call others to come and help me.

JS - R you're a really nice friend and you always get on with your work and you follow the rule of time to work - time to play and may God Bless you forever.

NP - You're always clever at your work and you're a nice person.

DG - U study as a high standard and you have improved in a lot of things this year. You are a great friend to have and you work really hard.

LZ - You have improved your work so much from the start of the year you have improved and you have really high standards in everything.

KR - I like it when you set a high standard for us all and you're really funny.

AP - R you're always improving in your wok and you like Club Penguin and that's a good thing.

JC - You're really improved since the beginning of the year and now your work is really fantastic.

Mrs F - You have been one of the youngest people in this class but you have grown up so much! You work really hard and you are a very determined young person. You are enthusiastic and hard working and always try your best. You remain cheerful, happy and positive and you are such a fun person to have in our class room. You have worked hard to improve your writing and you have a lot to be proud of. You are willing, determined and enthusiastic and you never give up!! You're like a tanker - you just keep going! We are lucky to have you in Room 21!!!

In Room 21, we your family: your class mates, your friends, your teacher: 


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