Saturday, June 2, 2012

 The Challenge was to use natural resources around school to fake a crime scene. We had a lot of fun. Our Actors deserved to win Oscar or Academy Awards for their Incredible acting ability.

 The girls versus the boys. It is very obvious who are the real drama queens here!!

 MH and LS are very serious actresses!! Move over Selena Gomez!! We are taking over the Stage.

 Oh Dear, looks like this guy is helping commit a crime against himself!! Hey BM - put your head down!! JS is trying to get some sleep!!

 Now these are real Actors!!! We think they are very convincing! They were the winners of the Challenge!!

 Then JCC came along and jumped on every one's tummies!!!

That woke every one up!!

This was the final scene of the crime!! Not sure why all their tongues are hanging out!? Maybe they are puppies?

Yes! They are happy puppies or maybe...

Happy bodies at a  crime scene!

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