Wednesday, May 23, 2012

JS Zoo Trip

On Wednesday 9 may 2012 the middle school of  Botany Downs school were going to the Zoo and had there excited faces on! First of all we all did the roll. Room 21 got our name tags on and sorted who's bag we will use for the zoo trip. It was ME!!! Everybody (in my group) packed there yummy lunch in my bag. Mrs F asked everyone to go to the toilet (I had to go 5 times!) We lined up outside in the soggy rain and off we went walking threw the BIG puddles! One minute later the bus went BEEP BEEP witch ment get on the bus. So all of room 21 and room 23 got on the HUGE 6 weeled bus (Howic and Easten.) I played on my I Pod Touch and showed Mrs F my swimming photos. I saw somewhere around 150 houses. 45 minutes later we got to the the Zoo everyone was CRAZY!!! AP was in map world (he huged the map stand and said "I love maps do you want to marry me. We  looked fist at the African animals my favourite animal was the Blue Penguin and the Cheetah. We saw an Elephant set free. We had lunch in the drizzling rain later that day we had to leave and all of my group were getting as many maps as they could hold. Off we went on the bus and back to cool school

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