Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All about me

I am a 8 year old girl.I have long quite curly brown hair.I have brown hazel nut eyes.I am average hight. I am quite speedy and like to swim lots.I am a nice girl because I have lots of nice friends,that I got from last year when I started school.I love animals,even dinosaurs.I like to look in houses and i like to look around the place.When I grow up,I want to be an author and a illustrator because I like writing books.I have already made some books.I am fun and funny, but also very quite sometimes.I do homework every day.I have 7 amazing fast fish with no names.I love my family, because they are kind and cool.I like icecream all kind of icecreams they taste nice and refreashing i have a small cute dog.i am not allergie to anythng.i am born in england.I like that great rocking contry because it has big amazing old and new bricked buildings.

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