Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hi everyone

Hi Room 21, my name is Henrietta the Hen and I am the library mascot..... can you guess what I love?
That's right.... I love Bok, Bok, Boks, Books!!
I can sit and read for hours and I will pop up on your blogsite from time to time to tell you about new books and special events happening at our fantastic school library. So keep a look out for me on this site and come visit me often......

(Here I am in one of my favourite places collecting some lunchtime reading)
bok bok bok


Anonymous said...

Elemental danger is such a cool name!E.t rm21

Anonymous said...

wow i love bok bok books too :)
K.C Room20

Anonymous said...

awsome blog.S.W room20

Miss S said...

very cool blog ak